Centrino Nonna Concettina floor lamp

Corten steel table lamp equipped with wire for connection to 220 V power outlet.
Measurements: diam. 8,66″ – H 25,98″ – oval base 13,78″ x 8,27″
Weight: 10,14 lb

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The corten steel floor lamp, model Concettina, is inspired by the “doilies” that our grandmothers used to make in the olden days.

The doily was a small artifact made with crochet, lace-making, and knitting needles. It usually had a decorative function. With its rounded shape, it highlighted vases, figurines, and trinkets, preventing them from scratching surfaces.

The shapes and textures of those doilies have been re-interpreted by designer Massimiliano Saracino, who has masterfully transformed them into original and extraordinarily ingenious pieces of furniture.

Concettina evokes the image of Mama Concettina’s granddaughter watching over her daughter Carletta as she learned the art of “doing doilies” from Grandma Adelaide, repeating and emulating her gestures.

In this smaller-format specimen, the most majestic essence of Apulia’s tradition is encapsulated.


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